Skitbooks at Drew Arellano & Iya Villania’s Wedding

When UKG featured Skitbooks on their show two years ago, all of their hosts had a blast goofing around in front of our camera, but we don’t think anybody had as much fun as Miss Iya Villania. Watch this for reference. 🙂 (It probably took Iya more than 3 takes to perfect her flipbook message for Drew. :D)

On that day, Iya promised us she would get Skitbooks for her and Drew’s wedding. And lo and behold, two years later, they did!

Congratulations, Drew and Iya! And thank you for making Skitbooks a part of your wedding celebration. We couldn’t have been more proud to be there on your very special day!

Watch the fun, fun, fun clips with Drew and Iya’s family and friends from their fun-tastic wedding!

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