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Amaze your guests with greenscreen background. Get Skitbooks for your party and give your guests the time of their lives as they experience beautiful and faraway destinations. No need to hop on a plane for these memorable party flipbook souvenirs. 🙂

Visit the Eiffel Tower with your friends!

Be a tourist in New York!

Love is in the air in Paris!

Go to a bullfight in Madrid!

Pose by a sand castle in Boracay, enjoy the lights of Times Square, or run along the Great Wall of China.

Watch Sir Chief and Maya’s Kulitan at the Flipbooks Photobooth

Sir Chief and Maya enjoy the Skitbooks

Be Careful With My Heart JS Prom March 2013

Tampok noong episode ng Be Careful with My Heart nung March 8 at 11 ang Junior Senior Prom ng Northwest Hill Montessori School.

Parisian ang theme ang prom ng mga anak ni Sir Chief na sina Luke at Nikki.

Siempre, tulad ng ibang sikat na eskwelahan, may kakaibang photobooth ang JS Prom ng school na ang Skitbooks Flipbooks Photobooth.

Teens with Be Careful with My Heart, Luke and Nikki

Teens watching their Skit for the Flipbook

Be Careful with my Heart teens

Di lang mga bagets na kalahok sa JS Prom ang nag-enjoy sa Skitbooks, pati na rin ang chaperone na si Maya at ang parent na si Sir Chief. Nakakakilig ang kulitan ng dalawa, kitang-kita ngang meron silang chemistry.

Suot ni Maya ang little black dress na galing kay Sir Chief. Napa-wow si Sir Chief ng makitang suot ni Maya ang bigay nito.

Sir Chief and Maya at the JS Prom March 2013

Skitbook Flipbook of Maya and Sir Chief

Kung nais nyong magka-Skitbooks sa inyong JS Prom, birthday party, kasalan o kahit ano mang occasion, email nyo lang po ang o kaya naman ay i-text o tawagan ang 0917-940-4254

P.S. Ano ang susunod kay Maya at Sir Chief? Kasalan na ba? Sana nga upang maging wedding of the year ang Maya and Sir Chief wedding.

Gusto nyo bang kiligin sa tambalang Maya at Sir Chief? Panoorin ang kulitan sa pag-flipbook photobooth nila sa JS Prom. Skitbooks flipbooks ang pinakabagong photobooth kung saan gumagalaw ang mga litrato na kinunan.

Luke of Be Careful with My Heart

Gangnam Skitbooks-Style!

Most of the guests who try Skitbooks at events ask for fun suggestions on what they can do for their skits. Lately, we’ve been finding ourselves suggesting that they can dance the Gangnam Style. 🙂

Here are a few clips with guests having fun dancing the Gangnam!

If you think these videos are fun to watch, they’re even more so when you see it being flipped on a Skitbook. 🙂

Providing Events a Piece of Creative Fun

Everyone knows the value of a good photograph, and how much photographs bring into our lives. American short story writer Eudora Welty said, “A good snapshot stops a moment from running away,” while actor Dick Bogarde said, “The camera can photograph thought.” No wonder, then, that people cherish photographs because of memories they evoke, especially when a photo captures a fleeting expression that may not have been seen by the eyes, or a significant movement that seems to have been frozen in time. What a good idea it would be if one could capture both the expressions and the moments!

With Skitbooks, Manila’s leading flip book maker, this idea is anything but far-fetched. They provide a fun mix of video and photographs, and take the idea of party booth entertainment to a whole new level. Skitbooks converts videos to flip books that make great giveaways for almost any type of event. Looking for unique and conversation-worthy keepsakes for baptismal and birthday parties? How about reliving sweet and wacky moments in weddings? Or capitalizing on all the employee interaction during the company anniversary bash?

So how does it work? Skitbooks sets up its booth in a small area at the designated venue – enough to accommodate the background as well as the video and printing equipment. During the event, guests line up, waiting for their turn to act in a seven-second video in any way they want to. Skitbooks’ special software converts the video into pictures that are printed, cut and bound in proper sequence into a small flip book, all done on-the-spot. Waiting time for the “actors” is just a couple of minutes before the flip book is put into their hands and soon they are flipping their way through it, replaying all the action.

Sounds simple? It should be. And fun. The fun actually starts when the guests act. It can be a solo act, or they can group together, as many as can fit the frame. Cramming can be hilarious and will definitely break the ice! But the fun doesn’t stop when the camera stops rolling; it goes on when the actor flicks through the flipbook and watches the series of pictures “move” on their own, much like an animated cartoon. Catch the slightest expression or movement, stop at a certain picture, or move forward to the next ones with no need of a video player.

Enhance the laughter and ingenuity with props and customizable backgrounds, whatever suits the fancy, whatever fits the party theme. Wouldn’t it be entertaining to see that guy in the vampire Halloween costume “biting” into the neck of his victim? Or “view” that witch on the broomstick flying across the Eiffel tower? Skitbooks’ options for creative fun are almost limitless.



Biking in Paris? Diving underwater? Rocking it out at the coliseum? You can make your guests’ dreams come true by going green, greenscreen that is.

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