Booth Rental

What do you need in order to set up at an event?
We’ll need at least a 3mx4m space (or 3mx5m if you’re using greenscreen), with a standard wall outlet nearby. We’ll also need a 2ftx4ft rectangular table. For outdoor setups, kindly provide a tent for the booth’s use.

How many people can fit into your booth?
As many as you can fit in our display in 7 seconds!

How many flipbooks can you make during an event?
Our booth can produce as much as 25-35 flipbooks per hour, depending on the cooperation of your guests and the number of retakes and copies they want.

Can you print more than 1 copy per video?
Yes, we can do multiple prints. However, since printing additional copies of one flipbook means longer wait time for other guests in queue, we just print 1 flipbook per group then just ask whoever wants additional copies to just come back for reprints when no one else is in line.

Do you do events outside of Metro Manila?
Yes, we do. Kindly contact us for out of town rates.

How can I personalize the flipbook cover?
You can provide images, text and color/s to be used to match your event motif and/or theme. Please note that we need 3 working days to prepare custom flipbook covers.

Can I provide props for my guests to use?
Certainly! The more props available, the merrier.

Do I get to bring home any files after the event?
You will receive files of all printed Skitbooks in .wmv format thru Dropbox.


Can we provide our own image for the greenscreen backdrop?
Yes, you may email us either an image or video file to use for the greenscreen.

What are the no-no’s for using green screen?
If most of your guests will be wearing green then we don’t suggest using the greenscreen option. Unless the floating head effect is what you want. 😉

Video to Flipbook Printing

In what format should the video be if I want it to be printed?
Ideally, it should be about 7-12 seconds long, in any format. If you’re not sure if your video can be made into a flipbook, you can send us the file first so we can check.

How soon will my order be ready?
Your flipbooks will be ready for shipping 7 working days after order placement. Give or take 3 more days for delivery and you’ll receive your order at your doorstep, ready to be flipped.

Do you ship anywhere in the world?
Yes, we do. Our rates already include shipping within Metro Manila. Please contact us for shipping fees outside the metro.

Can I order more flipbooks than what’s included in the published package/s?
Yes. Kindly contact us for more details.