Skitbooks is a fun new way to entertain your guests at your wedding, party or next big-hit event.

Give your guests an amazing time in front of the camera as they star in their own mini skits. Let them take home awesome party memories with Skitbooks.

The Record Experience

Photobooths are so 2007. The Skitbooks booth will record a 7-second video of people doing mini skits, print and cut stills of the video, then bind these pictures together to make a little flipbook. All on the spot and finished in less than two minutes.

Photobooths give you a strip of stationary pictures, with some even captured at the wrong time. Skitbooks foregoes the errant gaps between those shots and replaces blinding surprise camera flashes, so people have fun and look their best as soon as one presses the record button.

Play the Fun

Props plus movement equals a night of fun and creativity. Be a rockstar. Dance like no one is watching. Make faces. Throw things. Jump. Do mini skits. Think outside the box. Skitbooks was made with fun in mind.

Rewind Time

Parents love to mark their baby’s milestones in baby journals. They also love capturing their child’s important events in home videos. Our Skitsy Bitsy Books are a new creative way to preserve kids’ special moments by turning their videos into custom flipbooks to keep through a lifetime.

Flipping through Skitsy Bitsy Books will let you relive your baby’s moments over and over again. Watch as your son makes those first steps, or your daughter, going down a slide; these personal flipbooks are great for preserving your baby’s memories.



Biking in Paris? Diving underwater? Rocking it out at the coliseum? You can make your guests’ dreams come true by going green, greenscreen that is.

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