About Skitbooks

Skitbooks are flipbooks — a stack of images on paper that come to life when flipped, just like those little stick animations we used to draw as kids at the edges of our school books.

We’ll setup the Skitbooks mobile booth at your event to record 7-second videos of your guests having fun and make little flipbooks out of the video stills in less than three minutes.

Your guests can review and reshoot their video before it goes to print, so only the best videos are printed. At the maximum, our booth can print about 45 Skitbooks in an hour but from experience with guests enjoying themselves, our package with 120 Skitbooks is just right for a 4-hour event.

For custom backdrops, you may opt to use the booth’s green screen chroma background (popularly used for TV/movie special effects). We can use either a photo or video as background which will then be digitally added when the video is recorded.

After the event, you get a DVD of all the videos printed which you can enjoy at home.

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