Ignite Your Candlemaking Journey with the Candle Making Log

Whether you’re a passionate hobbyist or a budding candlepreneur, this Candle Making Log is your ultimate companion in the world of candle crafting.

candle making log cover

Keep track of your candle creations and never lose your most successful candle recipes. List down every ingredient, technique, and method you use during your candle-making experiments to ensure you achieve consistent results every time. From wax blends to essential oils, this journal helps you organize and record your creative process step-by-step.

candle making log page

One of the most critical aspects of candle-making is the burn test. With this journal, you can meticulously document burn test results, allowing you to refine and enhance your creations for the ultimate candle-burning experience. 

candle making log burn test page


The Candle Making Log is also a thoughtful gift for candle enthusiasts to fuel their passion and inspire their creativity. Order one at the Skitbooks shop.